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Life Far Out

The visionaries, the creators, the artists, the masters of their craft, the elite, the top performers in their industries, the ones setting the pace.

They know what most people are spending all their time looking for, or trying to arrive at. They cracked the code. They live extraordinary lives whether they achieved financial freedom or simply set out on a wild journey through life most of us dream about or wish we could achieve. To them it’s simple; it’s the way things have to be, there is no other way. They do what they love because it holds them in “flow.” They are no longer looking for what’s out there. They already hold the key and are busy taking action striving to elevate their adventure to the next level; they find greater rewards internally. We do this for ourselves.

We are the leaders, not that we meant to be, we didn’t wake up one day and say I’m going to lead and inspire thousands of people. It was slow, we invested in ourselves over and over again physically, mentally, spiritually, we were always working on creating new habits that would bring us closer to our goals. Training, researching, meditating, and embracing the whole adventure. People just happened to notice we are doing a lot of cool stuff and wanted to know what was different about us and how they could join. Then we decided to help one person do one cool thing, and what do you know, it felt really good. Helping someone else added fuel to our fire we could use to burn deeper on the things we desired.


The Adventure to
Find and Live
Your Passion


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