The Adventure to Find and Live Your Passion

When someone stirs a conversation that attempts to hone in on life’s purpose it percolates a variety of thoughts, most limiting but some incredibly freeing. Many people shrug it off as a cliché or as thought too deep to bother giving any active mental engagement. Expanding your conscience and stripping away mind models you adopted or were prescribed rather than formulated with your own self dissection is hard work, that’s why most don’t do it. Through the process of this adventure is your life’s purpose and believe me, it is worth it.

We spend so much time building a dream we think is ours though, when do we make time to evaluate our convictions  and take an unbiased view from our most authentic self? So often we keep the same daunting  pace just because we started, and we started simply because it came up or someone else planted the idea in our mind. It’s time to take back your life and admit that this is your dream; accept your authentic self and turn up the volume on your subconscious mind so you can become aware what your desires truly are.philosophyphilosophy

We rely on information stored in our conscious mind to make decisions for the future based on the past. It is because of this that  our minds like to constantly oscillate between the past and the future automatically, it takes effort to clear that barrage of information and focus on the present. Our subconscious mind stores information much more efficiently and communicates it fluidly to our being without the grinding of forced conscious thought. The trick is turning our volume up on the subconscious direction and dialing back the noise of everything else. When we can bring ourselves into this authentic present state with purpose everything starts to… well flow, we aren’t fighting ourselves anymore we are just doing. And doing much more effectively than before.

The adventure to find and live your passion is a journey you start when you awaken from a dream that isn’t your own. This is when you are doing things that keep you in flow, meditating, learning about yourself, dreaming, writing; you are actively engaged in each moment as it floats by, minutes become longer and days seems to stretch themselves out in accordance to your dream. You are stepping outside that comfort zone because your being needs to be stretched, your soul thirsts for growth and it is time to nurture that calling.

An avid adventure seeker and thinker, Dana describes himself as a ‘business hippy with a wild side’.
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