Noah’s best contribution to Life Far Out is his constant hunger for adventure and his ability to make a plan and inspire people to get off the couch and join him outside.

Noah was raised as a “free range child” and was never subject to the conventional confines of a typical school day schedule. Homeschooled from Kindergarten through 12th grade, Noah’s family spent an extraordinary amount of time exploring the outdoors, whether it was hiking in the White Mountains of NH, visiting the ocean or exploring Boston. He spent a good part of his childhood finding freedom on his BMX or mountain bike.

After graduating high school, Noah moved to the Gulf of Mexico as a commercial diver and this experience cultivated his hunger for adventure and travel. After three years in the Gulf he moved to Florida where he paddled around the Everglades and started taking epic hiking expeditions that eventually led him to move to Colorado. Despite his love for the mountains and his new home base, he was still looking for unconventional adventure and this led to a multi month bike trip originating in Anchorage, Alaska and ending in California.

During round two in Colorado, Noah and Dana were hiking Longs Peak when they missed a trail. Without knowing fully what he was getting into, Noah led them into a 600’ free solo on one of the most iconic alpine big wall climbs in North America, the Diamond. They made it to Broadway Ledge and had to wait for rescue at around 13,000’. Grateful to still be alive, the experience changed Noah and at the same time lit a fire. Dana was starting LFO and he wanted to be on board.

Noah and Dana have been adventuring together since they were toddlers. Life Far Out has inspired Noah to progress in so many aspects of climbing and he’s helped to represented LFO on each of NH’s 48 4000’ mountains (all in a single winter), the top of Rainier, and on dozens of ice and rock routs in New England. Many more climbs are in the planning process, the journey has only just begun!



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