Dana Bouchard

Desire is the fuel of reality, when we don’t make time to truly desire a thing it has a funny way of avoiding us. When we open our mind to accept, envision, and burn on a thing, you set that into motion; act on that desire and it can be no other way.

It was this epiphany about desire that led Dana to build Life Far Out. Dana is fueled by a complex kind of energy that compels him to put equal amounts of thought and passion into his pursuit of living his life rich in adventure and dancing with inspiration.

An avid adventure seeker and thinker, Dana describes himself as a ‘business hippy with a wild side’. Since high school he has started several businesses and has gathered experience and wisdom along the way. Choosing to be self funded and independent he currently operates Skillcraft Construction with his good friend and Life Far Out counterpart Michael Vigeant.

Life Far Out’s growing fan base has been built slowly and authentically in Dana’s spare time. Money and recognition have never been primary considerations, Dana chooses to focus on adventure, inspiration, and greater understanding above all.

The four seasons of life in New England has left Dana with many diverse hobbies and interests. Dana is an aspiring traditional rock climber, ice climber, mountaineer and world traveler. Always looking for a way to be rooted and awake within the present moment, he enjoys stunting his motorcycle in the summer and being upside down on his snowboard in the winter. Dana loves trying to find a balance in his varying personalities, he is just as likely to be found slack lining, practicing yoga, meditating or reading the day away at his favorite café. Dana’s never tried to distinguish himself from the nerds, or hippies, the jocks, or the gear heads he just took bits from everyone and enjoys making new interesting friends.



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